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View the documentMany folks use local library
Yorba Linda Star July 19 1922 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star January 11 1924 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star February 15 1924 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star May 9 1924 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star November 6 1924 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star March 19 1926 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star January 27 1928 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star February 22 1929 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star February 16 1934 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star August 16 1935 page 1
View the documentCall library bond election for Oct. 2
Yorba Linda Star September 13 1935 page 1
View the documentLibrary bond sale to be contingent on federal grant
Yorba Linda Star September 20 1935 page 1
View the documentLibrary bonds carry by small vote margin
Yorba Linda Star October 4 1935 page 1
View the documentLack of money causes library plan to shrink
Yorba Linda Star January 3 1936 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star February 7 1936 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star October 17 1947 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star May 2 1957 page 1
View the documentNew library plans on display as project gains headway
Yorba Linda Star May 29 1958 page 1
View the documentYorba Linda Casts Enthusiastic vote for new $80,000 library
1958 page 1
View the documentLibrary bonds to go to voters July 8
Yorba Linda Star June 19 1958 page 1
View the documentLibrary will open its doors this afternoon
by March Butz,
Yorba Linda Star December 10 1959 page 1
View the documentLarge group attends impressive ceremony
Yorba Linda Star February 11 1960 page 1
View the documentMarch Butz to retire as local librarian
Yorba Linda Star June 15 1961 page 1
View the documentLibrary starts new checkout card system
Yorba Linda Star September 11 1963 page 1
View the documentBond election set by library board
Yorba Linda Star May 5 1965 page 1
View the documentLibrary bond issue approved
Yorba Linda Star June 9 1965 page 1
View the documentLibrary expansion plans discussed
Yorba Linda Star March 6 1968 page 2
View the documentTrustees seek $585,000 bond issue to enlarge library
Yorba Linda Star September 10 1969 page 1
View the documentLibrarian upholds proposed expansion
by Katherine Citizen,
Yorba Linda Star October 29 1969 page 1
View the document$585,000 library bond issue wins: incumbents re-elected
Yorba Linda Star November 12 1969 page 1
View the documentLibrary bond sale okayed by supervisors
Yorba Linda Star February 4 1970 page 1
View the documentOpen house at library Sunday
by Val Lucas,
Yorba Linda Star June 23 1971 page 1
View the documentHundreds Attend Library Opening
by Val Lucas,
Yorba Linda Star June 30 1971 section 2 page 1
View the documentLibrary cuts staff and hours to handle budget reduction
by Gisela Meier,
Yorba Linda Star June 17 1978 page 1
View the documentComputers bring library into the modern age
Yorba Linda Star February 17 1982 page 1
View the documentLibrary to undergo renovation
by Bruce Bailey,
Yorba Linda Star June 22 1989 page 1
View the documentLibrary set for opening
by Bruce Bailey,
Yorba Linda Star May 28 1992 page 1
View the documentNew computers to provide limited Internet access
by Heather McRae,
Yorba Linda Star April 16 1998 page 1
View the documentThat's what `friends' are for
by Heather McRea,
Yorba Linda Star April 16 1998 page 6
View the documentCouncil delays library project
by Shoba Spencer,
Yorba Linda Star September 23 2004 page 1-2

Librarian upholds proposed expansion

by Katherine Citizen,
Yorba Linda Star October 29 1969 page 1   Open this page in a new window

During the past two years the board of trustees of the Yorba Linda Library has studied at great length the expansion program which would be needed to provide modern library service for this community. Both the board and the library staff have been well aware of increased public use of the library and all its facilities. The public was also expressing needs and desires for expanded services which we are unable t provide in our present facility. Circulation figures have mounted each year with a gratifying increase.

The situation has been discussed many times at open board meetings, and information has been placed in our newspapers. Much discussion has been held as to location. A few residents of Yorba Linda believe the present location is not a good one. So we asked several people, a year ago, to bring in suggestions for new locations which would equal the advantages of our present location. Nothing has been presented.

Libraries, both large and small (ours covers approximately six square miles) have traditionally been located in a center location which gives access to all residents. The present location is ideal for this reason. Libraries are known to be best located in areas, both commercial and governmental, which would be convenient to the most people while they are taking care of other business and interests. Surely our location does just that.

Our State Library Building consultants, Joyne Amend and Margaret Ward, after visiting Yorba Linda, have stated that there is no better location according to highest library standards.

Libraries are also located in an area which gives access to school use and the students attending. Our library, in its present location, is within walking distance of three of the four schools in the Yorba Linda School District. The bus from Troy High School makes a convenient stop at the corner for high school students coming to the library for study and research after school. Many classes from the elementary and junior high schools come to the library during school hours for the purpose of checking out books and research.

The library is filled with students after school and in this category we find them from first grade to graduate school students. At the present writing there are 52 students plus adult patrons—small children chatting and enjoying their corner, and library staff in the front area with four patrons waiting in line to use the Xerox machine. All study tables are filled with six students at each table. This does not make for good study habits.

If the present bond election is successful, these items will be corrected, with a quiet area for studying, adult section for reading and browsing, children's activities area, and many facilities for the community as a separate entity.

To the board of trustees, library staff, many community and service groups in our city, and other citizens who so far-sightedly planned and built this present library when there was a population of only 2500, this has been and continues to be an ideal location for a public library and its many services.

In a recent conversation with a member of the California Highway Commission it was stated that if the freeway is aligned with Imperial Highway, probably about 10 feet would be needed from our area. This has already been taken into consideration in our plans, and our parking lot will still provide parking for 90 to 100 cars, as specified by the county building department.

If the bond election passes, and the entire block becomes library property, as is now under option, the library district will own 50,938 sq. ft., or 7000 sq. ft. more than an acre. Land is being conserved by building multiple stories. The total purchase price then for all land owned will be $186,329 or $3.65 per sq. ft.

To purchase the same amount of land elsewhere in a less accessible area, to replace the present building and expansion as planned, and add the necessary equipment, would cost in the neighborhood of $800,000. This is based on architect's actual cost figures and last cost at $3.00 per sq. ft.

Our district is not large enough at present to support a main library and branch. This would require double staffing and other expenses. A book mobile is probably in the offing in years to come. It would seem, then, that our prime location is in the center of our library district with easy walking or driving distance to all, and that location is at 18262 Lemon Drive.

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