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Yorba Linda Star July 19 1922 page 1
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1958 page 1
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by March Butz,
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Yorba Linda Star February 11 1960 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star June 15 1961 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star September 11 1963 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star May 5 1965 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star June 9 1965 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star March 6 1968 page 2
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Yorba Linda Star September 10 1969 page 1
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by Katherine Citizen,
Yorba Linda Star October 29 1969 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star November 12 1969 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star February 4 1970 page 1
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by Val Lucas,
Yorba Linda Star June 23 1971 page 1
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by Val Lucas,
Yorba Linda Star June 30 1971 section 2 page 1
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by Gisela Meier,
Yorba Linda Star June 17 1978 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star February 17 1982 page 1
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by Bruce Bailey,
Yorba Linda Star June 22 1989 page 1
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by Bruce Bailey,
Yorba Linda Star May 28 1992 page 1
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by Heather McRae,
Yorba Linda Star April 16 1998 page 1
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by Heather McRea,
Yorba Linda Star April 16 1998 page 6
View the documentCouncil delays library project
by Shoba Spencer,
Yorba Linda Star September 23 2004 page 1-2

Library expansion plans discussed

Yorba Linda Star March 6 1968 page 2   Open this page in a new window

Discussion of the proposed expansion of the Yorba Linda District Library was held Thursday night in a joint meeting between the library board and staff and representatives from community organizations.

Harold Van Patten, president of the library board, showed the group preliminary plans of a 17,425 square foot, three-story addition to the present facility.

After a group seeking a community center for Yorba Linda folded several years ago, several organizations approached Mrs. Ted Citizen, librarian, about building a community room as part of an addition to the library.

The board authorized investigation of a proposed expansion of the present library facilities, with a community room as one floor of the proposed addition.

Van Patten showed the group preliminary drawings of architect Charles Wickett, Fullerton. The first floor, or community room, has a general meeting room, kitchen and restrooms.

The large meeting room is shown in 57 by 24 foot dimensions, with a hallway leading to two small meeting rooms—each 24 by 25 feet—and two conference rooms, 24 by 18 feet. Partitions could be moved for a giant assembly room of nearly 4,000 square feet.

Second floor of the proposed building, which would adjoin the present building at the same level, contains a quiet study area. A reference reading area, stacks, storage for audio visual material and periodicals, work room and rest rooms are part of the proposed second story.

On the third floor would be a children's library, with story area, storage and work rooms, an office and lounge seating.

Van Patten told the group land for the addition is owned by the library. The vacant parcel adjacent to the library on Olinda St. was purchased three years ago for $30,000, after appraisal by the county. The library has an option at $30,000 on property which now houses the next -door real estate office. Each parcel—the one owned by the library district and the one optioned—is 75 by 125 feet.

Cost of building the facility will be about $20 per square foot, Van Patten estimated, for a $348,000 building cost. The library's present 6,000 square foot building cost $13 per square foot to build. Square footage cost includes furniture.

The library board president estimated $4000,000 to acquire additional land and build the proposed addition. Since the Yorba Linda Library District belongs to a cooperative library system, the state will advance $1 for building for every $2 generated at the local level.

That would mean $266,000 would have to be raised locally, Van Patten said. At present, local taxpayers are paying 3.1 cents per $100 assessed valuation for bond retirement. He estimated a new building would cost a maximum of 10 cents in new bonds, or about $9 a year for the average Yorba Linda homeowner.

However, Van Patten pointed out that the picture could be changed if new areas annex to the library district. Proposed annexations would increase the size of the district by 25 per cent.

Robert Mitchell, who was present at the meeting, questioned that Lemon Dr. location was the proper place for Yorba Linda's library. He suggested selling the present facility and building a new one where property is less expensive, mentioning a site on Lakeview Ave.

Mrs. Citizen pointed out the present library is central and accessible. It is within walking distance of three schools, she said.

Those attending the meeting were trustees Van Patten, Patricia Shook, Gladys Goss, Stan Ireland and John Hyma; Mrs. Citizen, Whit Cromwell, Mary Kay King, Vivian Malits, William Keating, Doris Knauft, Claudia Wright, Maxine Middleton, Robert Mitchell, Dorothy Mitchell and Bill Carter.

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