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View the documentJessamyn West McPherson Wins More Literary Laurels With Quaker Stories
Yorba Linda Star December 29 1944 page 3
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Yorba Linda Star July 20 1945 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star October 12 1945 page 1
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Yorba Linda Star November 23 1945 page 2
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Yorba Linda Star April 19 1946 page 3
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by Jessamyn West McPherson,
Yorba Linda Star October 17 1947 page 1
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by March Butz,
Yorba Linda Star October 24 1957 page 3
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Yorba Linda Star August 23 1967 page 2
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by Gisela Meier,
Yorba Linda Star January 6 1979 page 2
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Yorba Linda Star January 27 1979 page 2
View the documentJessamyn West dies of stroke at age 81
Yorba Linda Star March 7 1984 page 5

Jessamyn's first book out soon

Yorba Linda Star October 12 1945 page 1   Open this page in a new window

Jessamyn West MacPherson, elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eldo West, first Yorba Linda-educated young woman to reach real literary fame, has in the past year had dozens of her Quaker short stories published in the quality magazines, and now she is to have published, probably this week, her first book. Its title will be The Friendly Persuasion and its publishers are Harcourt, Brace & Company.

The Harcourt, Brace 1945 catalogue says of the forthcoming and its author:

"Jessamyn West is of Indiana Quaker stock, and she writes of things which echoed through her childhood. Her prose is warm and glowing, keyed to the lovely nostalgia of the scenes. David Harum would have felt at home in these pages, and every modern reader will find a new, refreshing laughter in reading them. Jessamyn West's delightful short stories have been appearing of late in the Atlantic Monthly, Collier's, Harper's Bazaar and other magazines. The Friendly Persuasion, her first book, will bring to wide attention the family of the Birdwells, soon, we believe, to be a famous American family."

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