Secure site for new library, review growth of institution

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Plans for the enlargement of the Yorba Linda Library and a review of the growth of this institution were announced at the Chamber of Commerce meeting Monday night, held in Masonic Hall. The Library Board has an option on the lots at the intersection of Front and Olinda streets, a triangular shaped tract of land lying south of the present library building, as the site for a proposed new building.

While nothing definite has been decided the board has ascertained building costs and it is thought a new building can be erected and equipped without an increase in the present rate of taxation, the levy being sufficient for running expenses and will also retire the building costs. The present building would be sold before any action was taken toward a new structure.

The members of the Library Board, Mrs. Weston M. Smith, W. G. Cannon and Mrs. H. R. Brown desiring to give residents some idea of the activities of the institution asked Miss Minnie Maxwell, librarian at Fullerton to give a talk here. She reviewed activities of libraries in general and her points were well received by those in attendance.

Prefacing her remarks with the statement that “every dollar expended in equipping and the upkeep of a library is money well spent.” Miss Maxwell went into a discussion of library work, which she showed was three fold. She gave as the three functions the educational, inspirational and recreational sides of library work and pointed out the aid given schools by libraries, the value as a recreation center especially for the young people of the community and educational value to the people as a whole.

The Yorba Linda Library was organized in 1913, and the report for May 1913 shows eight days open, with a total circulation of 31 volumes and 12 borrowers. The report for 1923 shows a circulation of 19,815 volumes, including books, magazines and juvenile books. The number of borrowers now number 1,315. The library has 4,131 books and of this number, 979 were added in 1923.

Members of the board give as their reason for an enlarged library the fact that the present building is practically frilled to capacity with books and there is need for expanding so that more room can be provided for the young people.

In the discussion which followed the talk of Miss Maxwell, short talks were made by Mr. Cannon, Mrs. Smith, N. W. Rennecker, E. L. Gilman, Murray Horne, E. R. West, Rev. C. N. Jones, and Dr. Lester Keller and others.

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