How do you use your library?

Yorba Linda Star January 27 1928 page 1   

Yorba Linda has a splendid library, one even in advance of the splendid district it serves. It was established several years ago, by a group of community workers with a vision for the future good of the boys and girls and men and women of the community, and it has been maintained by the people and the good work of our people. It is for our USE, and the privileges of the institution should not be abused.

These privileges are being very decidedly abused when young people, who doubtless tell their parents they are going to the Library to study, gather nightly in front of the building to the annoyance of those who are inside to study and read. The Library Board and the Librarian feel that if order is maintained within the Library, the thoughtless or malicious annoyance coming from the outside, is a matter for the parents or civil authorities to adjust, and to this end this appeal is being made.

If parents really know their boys and girls are causing this annoyance, and it continues, the Board feels it will then be its duty to use whatever method deemed best to see that the proper use of the Library and its premises is maintained.

Margaret McFadden, Librarian

W. G. Cannon

May C. Carter

Florence S. Moritz,

Board of Trustees

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