Anybody see a Pink Lady?

by Susan Gaede,
Yorba Linda Star June 19 1980 page 1   

Approximately 250 people gathered at the Yorba Linda Cemetery Sunday night waiting to see if the "Pink Lady" would appear. In case you haven't heard of the Lady in Pink, she's a descendant of the Yorba family, and was killed in a buggy accident on the way home from a ball. Her ghost is supposed to appear in even-numbered years, according to legend.

Those who have seen her say she strolls through the graveyard around midnight near the "De Los Reyes" grave.

Dogs began acting weird around midnight Sunday. They fought to get outside the cemetery and once outside they were calm.

A man who had grown up with Indians in Wisconsin claimed nothing would happen. He rubbed his arm and explained if he got goosebumps and his hair on his arm stood up, something was about to happen. He rubbed his arm and nothing happened.

A street lamp illuminating the cemetery went out for a few minutes near the oleander bush from which the "Pink Lady" was supposed to appear, bring a hushed silence to the crowd. Reportedly, the same phenomena occurred a few years before.

Dan Stewart of Yorba Linda, who is an investigator of supernatural phenomena, didn't smell a hydro sulphuric acid that's in the air before ghosts appear. A Brea lady did smell acid, however, causing her nose to run, sending her to the car desparately looking for a Kleenex. Ironically a pink wadded up Kleenex appeared on the seat of the car a few hours later although nobody used one.

Do you believe in ghosts?

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