Trustees seek $585,000 bond issue to enlarge library

Yorba Linda Star September 10 1969 page 1   

Nov. 4 is the date set for the Yorba Linda Library bond election, Mrs. Ted Citizen, librarian, said this week. That will be a general election day, with school trustees, library trustees, and possibly other governing bodies involved.

The library bonds to be voted on will total $585,000, divided among the following purposes: land $100,000, building $435,000, and furniture and equipment $50,000.

Mrs. Citizen pointed out that the additional bonding of the district will cost no more than 5 centers per $100 of assessed valuation, and probably less, because the valuation of the recent annexations have not yet been included.

The present library tax is .38 for general fund plus .02 for bonded indebtedness, or a total of 40 cents per $100. The 1969-70 budget calls for a general fund tax of .31 plus .02 for bonded indebtedness, or .33 total. When the new building addition costs are added to the budget the tax rate will be .38, two cents less than it is this year, Mrs. Citizen said.

The new construction will add 17,425 square feet floor space to the 6,000 feet in the present building. It has been designed to serve Yorba Linda's predicted saturation level. Architect Charles Wickett has included an auditorium that takes up one complete floor, with a seating capacity of about 500. This is a flat floor type of room, so that it can be divided into three smaller auditoriums for simultaneous use. The library will use it for travelogues, author lectures, and other cultural programs, and it will also be available to any community group that wishes to use it.

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