March Butz to retire as local librarian

Yorba Linda Star June 15 1961 page 1   

It's the wide open spaces for Roy and March Butz from now on. And it doesn't take much of a detective to know that's in their minds because coincident with the Yorba Linda District Library Board's announcement of Mrs. Butz's retirement as head librarian, she lets it out that they have been shopping for a pick-up truck and a bit larger trailer.

Mrs. Butz's retirement comes as a shock to library users in Yorba Linda, who have learned to rely on her rare gift for reading ideas and to revel in the thoughtful attention she gives them. “We certainly hate to see Mrs. Butz go,” said Mrs. Dave Crist, president of the board. “After the many years of wonderful service she has devoted to our library we are very spoiled, but she ahs earned a wonderful retirement and we all sincerely hope she will have the best there is.”

Mrs. Butz became librarian of Yorba Linda in 1948 after teaching in the Yorba Linda Elementary School for three years. She and Roy moved to Yorba Linda in 1943. Since 1945, except for a period of illness, Roy has been with Bartons' Chevrolet, and is presently employed at Bartons' Used Car Lot in Placentia.

March has been a Sunday school teacher in the local Methodist Church all the time she has been in Yorba Linda, first of the adult Challenge Class and for the past 10 years the Twigbenders, a young married people's class. She was organist for several years, and has been a choir member right along, and has served on various church boards.

She has also been active on a number of committees of the Public Library Administrators of Orange County, which has been setting up the machinery for a great deal of inter-library project work: a book depository in Santa Ana for older and seldom used books; an inter-library loan arrangement; circulating displays which advertise various books and groups of books; and a search for rare books, to be available to all the libraries. Orange County, having pioneered these projects, has been in the limelight in the library field.

“Library work has been the most rewarding effort of my life,” Mrs. Butz said. “It is one which I would advise any young person to seriously consider. It is so mentally stimulating, ad offers such a tremendous opportunity to do one's small part in the advancement of learning, as well as entertainment, that I feel very thankful for having been part of it.”

“I also want to say thanks to the members of many find organizations in Yorba Linda who have been helpful. I am proud and grateful to be recipient of their many thoughtful kindnesses.”

“I have a wonderful board of trustees to work with. They have always been so ready and willing to help in every way. And I can't tell you how much the new library has meant to the splendid staff and to me. It has made our work so much more interesting, and enabled us to give so much better service to the community.”

Mrs. Butz has for many years conducted a Saturday morning story hour for little children, and with the fine relationship she has maintained with the Yorba Linda school classes she has made readers out of a lot of young folks. Taking Mrs. Butz's place will be Mrs. Mae Barless, head librarian of the Placentia District Library.

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