Library bonds to go to voters July 8

Yorba Linda Star June 19 1958 page 1   

Tuesday, July 8, is the date established for the library bond election, the passage of which will provide Yorba Linda with a beautiful, modern new library building and the “ultimate” for adults and children who love books.

Last Friday in a three-hour period 119 signatures were obtained on petitions, although only 50 were needed. Then the County Counsel went to work and rushed through the documents necessary to publish notice of the bond election.

The library board of trustees met Tuesday morning to sign the election notice, which appears in The Star this week.

Most encouraging news of all, according to Chairman Valdo Smith, is that at a recent discussion with the auditor the board estimated the tax increase which will result from the sale of the bonds will amount to less than 4 cents per $100 evaluation. “Certainly the community will be enthusiastically in favor this fine new building at such a reasonable cost,” Smith said.

The election will be held in the present library building on Olinda Street, July 8, from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m.

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